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What People Have Said About Daedalus Through The Years

September 2, 1993

Dear Phil:

This is just a note to thank you and your employees for their recent efforts on the 72nd and Dodge Street project. This was a tough job under tough conditions, which was completed beyond my expectations. Your continued emphasis on safety, quality, and speed does not go unnoticed.

It is my opinion that the taxpayers of Omaha receive full value for their money when your company is on the job.


Henry Vieregger
Construction Engineer

October 14, 1993

RE: Letter of Reference

Dear Mr. McKinney:

I have been asked for a letter of reference for a Daedalus Construction. The company has just
finished 300,000 SF of flat work and foundation at our project in Gretna, Nebraska, Nebraska Factory Stores.

Daedalus experienced severe working conditions due an unseasonably amount of rainfall which caused extremely muddy conditions for sub-grading. As a result, I awarded them several amounts of force account work for removal of mud.

Daedalus performed very well and has proven to us to that manpower and equipment will always be available for both contract and force account work. The base contract amount with Daedalus was in excess of $700,000 and I have been pleased with their work. Their finished concrete work was more than satisfactory under these conditions.

Fru-Con is presently pursuing work as a general contractor on other projects in this area. In each instance Daedalus will be given first chance to bid the work.

November 17, 1999

Daedalus Construction:

I realize that this may be a bit odd, but I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your people, your organization and the quality of your work.

Your company has been doing street work on my block and I was able to be a sidewalk superintendent and observe. I was most impressed with the manner in which your employees did their jobs and their skills. From the guys who broke up the concrete and the way they handled their equipment to the guys who put in the new area, all were extremely efficient, all knew what they were doing and ALL worked.

Maybe this comes from watching city crews where they show up at 9:25, unload a couple of things, go on break and when they do finally do something, there are 6 supervisors and one guy to lean on a shovel. Your people flat out worked and the odd part was that they not only knew what they were doing, they seemed to take pride in what they were doing. Several times there would be just one man left to finish something and with nobody to supervise him, he still just kept right on working and doing it right. I was impressed by this and I am sure it is a reflection on the managers and supervisors in your company.

As someone who was required to manage a number of projects and their coordination, I was also impressed with the way they moved in, started working immediately and then when done all cleaned up, loaded up and moved on to the next site and someone would come in behind that crew to do something else. Great manpower management.

I do not care what the skill is, but when I see somebody that is really good at whatever they do, I can watch them as if they were an artist. Incidentally, the man you had forming the curbs …….he was amazing.

Kent L. Hanon

April 20, 2013

I would like to commend you, Louie Dirks, & Mike Hamm for the exceptional work performed by the entire Daedalus team on the UNMC/OPPD Property Exchange Project. As you are well aware, when we called on you last September, we were in dire need of help expediting our paving schedule. Mike did an outstanding job of pushing his men to pour out not only the entire south parking and drive lanes, but a 15,000 square foot slab on grade for the un-heated building in less than one month’s time. Daedalus fought alongside MCL this winter and spring to complete the remaining paving in the north parking surface and office parking drive lanes and pervious paving (the largest pervious paved surface in the entire state of Nebraska), which proved difficult due to weather, site restrictions and the allotted completion time. I want to take this opportunity to let you know that we are grateful for Daedalus’ efforts. This project has stressed even the most tranquil. Yet at the day’s end your company met the demands, and because of it OPPD was able to occupy their new facility as planned. Thank you doesn’t say enough.

Tony Fucinaro
Project Manager
P.S. Mike and Louie earned raises.



What you want in a concrete company. Knowledgeable, efficient, helpful, skilled, schedule ¬≠conscious, craftsmen … these are just a few words that epitomize who they are and how they operate. Every job has it’s difficulties, but their people and attitude help curb those tough tasks. I’ve gotten to know some of the folks at Daedalus quite well over the last couple of construction seasons, and can claim unequivocally that they are an outstanding company with pride and ownership shown on their projects. Their approach to our collective tasks is what makes them stand out. Certainly a pleasure to place their name on this project hand-in-hand with ours, and to have formed a relationship for the future.

Thank you,
Kyle King, CFB, CTB
Nemaha Sports Construction